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Balaton, which is often called the „Hungarian sea” is the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe. Balatonfüred is its yachting capital. It is a magnificent old town which has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday: beautiful beaches, romantic promenades and a diverse range of cultural programs. One of the most prominent events in the calendar is the traditional unfurling ceremony which is now being combined with the Balatonfüred Concours d'Elegance.



The event will feature four categories:

  • veteran is open for passenger, sports and racing cars made prior to the First World War
  • vintage is open for passenger, sports and racing cars made between 1919-1942
  • classic category is open for similar cars made between 1945-1985
  • youngtimer category: vehicles were made between 1985-1995

For participating vehicles we don't require FIVA or MAVAMSZ certifications or an MoT. During the tour, which is part of the event, a special pass will be provided so cars without number plates can also participate. We don't require self-owned vehicles. It is up to the applicant to come with a clean title.

Participating vehicles can not feature any kinds of advertisements or signs, beside the factory-fitted insignia. However racing cars can feature period ads. Participating restoration companies can introduce themselves on the info tables shown next to the cars.

Please send your applications to e-mail address with your own details (name, address, contact details) and details of the car (make, model, year and at least 5 photos from different angles: front, rear, sides and interior)

Thanks for your applications!


Organisers reserve the right to select participating vehicles. Emails will be sent out to successful applicants, who are selected to participate. Participants then need to sign an Agreement and pay the participation fee.

The event is limited to 50 cars.


Application: 10 April, 2019


The jury will be consisting of five people, including motoring professional and art experts. While aesthetics are of vital importance, the jury will also focus on originality and the level and quality of restoration. Participants will be able to vote for the Prize of Participation. Every participant will be able to vote for three cars – except for their own cars. The committee will check every vote. There will be a Prize voted for by the visitors and our sponsors will also offer Special Prizes.

With best regards,

The Organising Comittee