Date: May 10-12, 2024

Location: Balatonfüred, Tagore Promenade

Entry Fee:

Classic four-wheelers – 265 Euro or 102,000 Hungarian Forint

Classic two or three-wheelers – 110 Euro or 42,500 Hungarian Forint

Registration Deadline: March 15, 2024

Registration Address:

Pre-jury evaluation, notification of applicants: Until March 20, 2024


A. Luxury and touring cars pre-World War II

B. Sports and racing cars pre-World War II

C. European cars manufactured between 1945 and 1972

D. European cars manufactured between 1973 and 1998

E. Overseas cars manufactured after 1945

F. Iconic models of French car manufacturing

G. Youngtimers manufactured after 1998

We are inviting entries for cars and motorcycles that have not yet participated in the Balatonfüred Concours d’Elegance event. Among the applicants, eight cars from each category will proceed based on the pre-jury evaluation and take part in the beauty contest to be held on the Tagore Promenade in Balatonfüred. For motorcycles, we do not establish specific categories. To apply, we request at least four high-quality photos of each vehicle, with a minimum length of 2500 pixels on each longer side, and a detailed description. OT or FIVA certification is not necessary for entry. A catalog will be prepared for the selected vehicles, which will be featured in the May issue of Veterán Autó és Motor magazine.”

Pre-jury members:

Ádám Szabó-Jilek – Photographer, Managing Director of Veterán Autó és Motor Publishing

Miklós Gajdán – Editor-in-Chief of autóMAGAZIN

Zoltán Papp – Photographer, Editor-in-Chief of Veterán Autó és Motor

Zoltán Ocskay – Vehicle historian, author, founder of Veterán Autó és Motor

Dr. István Néveri – Secretary General of MAVAMSZ

Károly Soós – Vintage vehicle restorer, automotive engineer

Zsolt Csikós – Journalist, editor, vintage vehicle expert