The event will divide the vehicles into two categories:

Car category: passenger, sports and racing cars from the 20th century

Motorcycle category: street, sports and racing motorcycles from the 20th century

It is not necessary to have a FIVA or MAVAMSZ certificate or a technical test, as cars may take part in the short city parade without a number plate, subject to a special permit granted by the organisers. It is not required that the entrant owns the vehicle. The ownership of the vehicle will not be checked by the organisers, but the participant is responsible for the legal validity of the vehicle entry.

Vehicles may not carry any advertising or lettering other than the factory emblems and inscriptions (e.g. type plate). Exceptions to this rule are racing cars, which may carry any lettering or advertising which they already have. If a restoration company or museum enters a vehicle, it may display its name or logo on a sign to be placed next to the car.

Entries can be sent to with details of the exhibitor and the car, and a photograph of the car taken from five angles (front, rear, both sides, inside).

Thank you for your application.


The accepted entrants will then sign a Declaration of Acceptance of the event rules and conditions of participation and pay the entry fee of €250 per car and €120 per motorcycle.

The organisers expect to limit the number of participating cars to 50 and the number of participating motorcycles to 20, and/or reserve the right to give preference to more specialised vehicles in the event of a higher number of entries.

Application deadline

Application for the pre-selection by e-mail: 5 April 2023.

Jury, Prizes

Prizes are awarded on the basis of votes by a jury of at least five members. Two members of the jury will be professional (a technical expert and a specialist journalist) and the others will judge on aesthetics and form (a fine artist and an art expert). The judging will be based primarily on aesthetic appearance and, although they will also examine the originality and professionalism of the restoration and its quality, they will not examine the cars down to the last detail.

The Participant’s Prize will be decided by the entrants themselves as follows: each entrant will cast a vote for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cars, but will not be allowed to vote for their own car. Votes must be cast by name or by grid number and will be totalled by a counting committee appointed by the organisers (if someone votes for their own car, it will be invalid) and the jury will award the places on the basis of the result. The Audience Prize will be awarded on the basis of the votes of the spectators. Special prizes will be awarded based on the donations and decisions of the sponsors.

Our intention is to have a good atmosphere, a friendly event, to the greatest satisfaction of the audience and the participants.

The Organizers