Balatonfüred Concours d’Elegance

Classic car parades are being held annually at the particularly nice locations of the world, where enthusiasts can compare the car's beauty. The magnificent town of Balatonfüred belongs to this privileged circle.

Continuing the tradition the Balatonfüred Concours d'Elegance will be held at the same time and place. During this time, this wonderful city and its events are honoured with the presence of important figures of the economy and public life, representatives of the art world as well as numerous visitors.


Concours d'Elegance is a beauty contest for classic cars. The prestige value of the appearance is increasing every year for the exhibitors and participants on the three-day event, which is accredited by the FIVA and MAVAMSZ.  

In connection with the potential opportunities and synergies that lie in Balatonfüred, such an event developed around the wonderful world of classic cars, which is about elegance, sailing, style and fashion as well. For the audience, it is an unforgettable experience to see the cars up close and feel the milieu. 




We put together a colourful program with the main partners of the event.


Date of the Balatonfüred Concours d’Elegance: May 3-5, 2019

The event is accredited by the FIVA.

Balatonfüred Concours d’Elegance organisers
Balatonfüred Town, Valent Classic, CEAuto, Mavamsz, FIVA.
Founder and executive manager: Viktor Valker
The event is under the patronage of Kati Zoób


3 May, Friday

15:00 The cars will depart from Győr, via Veszprém to Balatonfüred with a police escort.

From 17:30 arrival of the convoy's contestants from the Győr meeting point to the Gyógy square.


4 May, Saturday

10:00 The cars take their place at the Tagore Promenade and Gyógy Square

11:00 Official opening at the stage of the Concours d'Elegance on Tagore Promenade.

Dr. István Bóka, mayor of Balatonfüred, welcomes the guests.

Continuous programs on the podium with guests and the host of the event, László Istenes. Introduction of cars, interviews with professionals.

From 13:00 Hourly Katti Zoób collections mini fashion shows.


5 May, Sunday

10:00 The cars take their place at the Tagore Promenade and Gyógy Square

11:00 Official program starts

13:00 Announcement of the results and awards ceremony on the red carpet at the Tagore Promenade.

15:30 Lap of honour around the town of Balatonfüred, led by the award-winning cars.

Best of Show      Tatra 87    1939

  FIVA Award Mercedes Benz 170 1931
  BMW Award Lombardi GrandPrix 1970
  Shell Award Mercedes Benz 170 1931
  Allianz Award Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1974
  Balatonfüred Award Hispano Suiza J12 1934
  Most Beautiful American car (before 1945) Packard Model 110 1941
  Most Beautiful American car (after 1945) Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1958
  Most Beautiful Antique car (before 1919) Chenard&Walcker    1912
  Most Beautiful BMW BMW 503 1956
  Most Beautiful British car Jaguar MK2 1964
  Best Classic Limousine Daimler DS420 1987
  Best Classic Open Riley RMC 1949
  Most Beautiful Czechoslovak car Skoda Popular Monte Carlo 1949
  Best GT car Lancia Flavia 1967
  Best Mercedes Mercedes  Benz 380 SL 1982
  Most Beautiful German car Mercedes  Benz 300 SEL 6,3 1970
  Most Beautiful Italian car Lancia Flavia 1967
  Most Elegant Sport car Jaguar E Type 1966
  Best Vintage Open Horch 750 1933
  Most Beautiful Youngtimer Alpina B10 Biturbo 1993
  Alfa Digital Award Ford Mustang March 1 1973
  Austro Classic Award Toyota Corona MK II Coupe 1972
  Bátor Tábor Award Volkswagen T1 1973
  BYC Award Velie Model 38 1918
  Ceauto Classic Award Mercedes Benz 400 1928
  Katti Zoób Award Clenet Series 1 1979
  Flohr Design Award Austin Healey 3000 1960
  VGT Capital Award BMW 635 CSI 1984
  MKB Bank Award Skoda MBX 1969
  MAVAMSZ Award Opel Olympia 1953
  MTÜ Award Skoda MBX 1969
  Veuve Cliquot Award Chenard&Walcker   1912
  Organizers Award Lincoln Continental 1947
  Totalcar Award Detroit Electric Model 75 1918
  Audience Award - Gents Horch 750 1933
  Audience Award - Ladies Velie Model 38 1918
  Most Original car Mercedes 500 SEL 1981
  Most Beautiful Aerodynamic Car Wikov 35 Kapka 1931
  Special Award for the Car Which Arrived from the Farthest Distance Land Rover Range Rover 1983
  Special Award for the Oldest car EMF StudeBaker 30 1912



Commemorative price

  Zbrojovska Z5 1936
  Mercedes Benz 220A 1955
  Mercedes Benz 250SE 1966
  Mercury Grand Marquis 1977
  Chevrolet Impala 1959
  Aero 30 1936
  Lanca HF 1987
  Abart 500 Really 1970
  Chevrolet 3100 1952
  BMW 1502 1975
  BMW E3 1972
  Ford Mustang   1965
  Bugatti T43 1927


Diavetítés - Concours d'Elegance - Balatonfured 2014
Képgaléria - Balatonfüred